We believe in providing you with payment gateways that can help you secure your money through safe transaction channels. We assist parties who want to do some international transactions and save money in their own country.
We provide a credible and safe channel that can facilitate sending payments.

You must be thinking that there is any way you can bring your money to Pakistan through any safe channel; well, we provide the required solutions. We provide a service user with a merchant account that can allow a customer to send payment through a credit card or debit card. We follow and obey all the regulations of card companies and then provide you with a gateway. We can also help you with saving your money in the way that there are least deductions.

Also, we have a merchant that can assist you in transferring the card details and the required information to have a staunch and authentic background. We serve as a middleman between the sponsoring bank and the merchant so that there are no issues on your side in terms of transferring the payment.

Then, we have a payment processor that can be used in the transactions of the credit card. The payment processor is implemented to avoid any fraudulent activity, so it helps customers to have a safe front facing customer as well as a safe merchant that can help you with payment.

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